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Immediate Manual Labor Staffing Solutions 

Atlanta Labor Now provides labor, plain and simple. We bridge the abyss for employers in need of hard-working employees and manage the process of securing and delivering a steady, reliable manual labor workforce while you and your team run your business. 

ALN serves a select few clients who require a robust workforce in industries such as:

- landscaping

- construction

- janitorial

- concrete / masonry

- carpentry

-  and other entry-level manual labor positions

Most ALN Consulting clients utilize our 1099 contracted labor services which provide dedicated labor covered by third-party workman's comp insurance and payroll services, protecting our clients from any foreseeable liability.  

Clients seeking to develop more of a long-term strategy opt for W-2 permanent hire programs utilizing a variety of labor sources aimed at empowering your business and the community alike. 

ALN IS NOT a staffing agency. We are a consulting firm with immediate solutions and a long-term workforce development partner for small and medium-sized businesses. We are extremely choosy about whom we work with and make our decisions based on an organization's values, reputation, and ability to foster an employee experience our partners deserve. 

Solving staffing challenges for more than 6 years in Atlanta

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